The Day I Was Invited to The White House


I am sitting in Reagan International Airport, Washington, D.C., waiting for my flight to Tampa.  About three weeks ago I received a “heads up” email from Dr. Jay Strack indicating I would be receiving an official invitation to the White House.  I was encouraged to not broadcast the event and so I didn’t.  Vice President Pence wanted to address a group of Florida Pastors concerning faith-based initiatives.  Today is Tuesday, October 9th, and I flew in for the meeting Monday, October 8th.

I know what you’re thinking right now, I’m messing with you.  I thought the same thing when Jay emailed me.  He is the master prankster—jokester!  I thought, man, this could be the biggest hoax ever!  What if I spend this money thinking I’ve got this once in a lifetime opportunity to “hang out” with the VP of the USA and it ain’t so.  Well, it turns out, it was so.  I received the official email from the White House with the details and I went.  It was worth it.

The meeting was educational and informative.  It was not a political meeting.  It was an opportunity to discover what the current administration is doing to strengthen initiatives that impact the lives of US citizens, most especially in the state of Florida.  I now feel like a have a basic knowledge and a means to contact others that have great details.  Other Florida Baptist pastor friends attended, and I enjoyed seeing them.  Our Florida Baptist President, Dr. Stephen Rummage, attended, as well as our State Executive, Dr. Tommy Green.  There were other evangelical ministers from our great state present and I thoroughly enjoyed the chemistry in the room.  I must tell you, during the closing prayer, it was obvious I was sitting on the Baptist row. 🙂

I’ve included several pictures just to let you know I’m not “pulling your leg.”  There was one reason I was able to represent my dear church family, Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, today at the White House.  Jay Strack.  That’s it.  I know Jay and he invited me.  He was my way in the room and survived all the security measures taken when anyone enters the building.

Sound familiar?  When it comes to entering heaven, there’s only one way.  It’s knowing Jesus.  That’s it…

I am the way, the truth, the life, no one comes to the Father, except through me.

~John 14:6